32 is a series of little autobio comics about me and my cat, and some other things.

I'm not 32. I'm actually 36. I know, that's confusing. I'll explain later.

My other webcomic, Girls With Slingshots, ended in 2015 and was sustained by merchandise and ad sales for eleven years. 32 is sustained by the generosity of readers who contribute small donations via Patreon, and is hosted thanks to the kindness of Hiveworks.

Patreon patrons can pledge as little as $1 per month, and get to see a few more-personal strips that I don't post here. (You can see a list of these extra strips here.)

32 doesn't update on any schedule, but I'll try to make a new one every week!

Danielle Corsetto
1981 -        

hair subject to change

2007 -      
spots subject to change

2007 - 2017

actually loved belly rubs


Other places I yap about my dumb life and other stuff: Twitter, Instagram, and my newsletter, which is generally just an extra monthly comic telling you what's up in my comics-life.

I practically never respond to e-mail, so let's just ignore that option. 

All 32 strips are made by hand on paper, and slightly tweaked in Photoshop.
There is probably white-out on every page.